Personalised marketing experience for customers

  • Kiran George
  • Last Updated - March, 2023

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly known as Exact Target) is a SaaS based application that provides mid-size companies and enterprises with a set of powerful modules to streamline their marketing efforts. Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows to use multiple channels and tools to create a 1:1 marketing experience for customers and subscribers. Through automation, we can greatly increase the productivity while also reducing the level of effort required in terms of volume and frequency in the marketing efforts of organisations.

Modules with in Marketing Cloud include:

1. Email Marketing:

Create, send and track email campaigns with automated triggers based on customer behavior.

2. Automation Studio:

Design complex automation programs to automatically take customers through a series of emails or other marketing activities when they meet certain criteria.

3. Journey Builder:

Create multi-channel customer journeys that span the entire lifecycle from acquisition to loyalty and retention.

4. Social Studio:

Monitor social conversations, create content, engage customers, measure performance, and optimize campaigns across channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

5. Advertising Studio:

Maximize ROI by targeting audiences with personalized ads across digital channels such as Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Bing Ads and YouTube Ads in addition to traditional media outlets like TV & radio stations.

6 . MobileConnect:

Reach your audience via SMS text messages for timely notifications about new products or services or reminders about upcoming events or promotions..

7 . Content Builder:

Easily manage all your online content from one place – images , videos , forms , surveys etc., then deliver it at scale using powerful segmentation tools .

Salesforce SFMC Custom development and support at CommerceForz

We have a team of good SFMC developers and solution consultants that will help an organisation w.r.t SFMC development and customisation