The Salesforce Order Management System is the heart of Commerce Cloud, handling everything from processing orders, accepting payments online, communicating with suppliers, tracking orders, coordinating shipment schedules, and processing returns. When integrated with customer service, it can help retailers assist customers when they need it, preventing delays in the ordering process and enabling full order transparency, quick shipping, and timely delivery.

In times of digitization, customers want the entire buying process to work seamlessly from the moment of checking out till the time retailers receive the order. There is a stark change in customer expectations with an increasing demand for fast and easy shipping, hassle-free returns, and order tracking to know exactly where orders are and when it will be delivered. Apart from order processing, OMS also integrates customer-facing systems to positively impact the post-purchase experience, including ERP, CRM, sales, service, and commerce. Salesforce Order Management System is central to the overall customer experience. It can make or break a brand’s relationship with the customer.

Why Salesforce Order Management

The Salesforce Order Management System (SOM) has every capability found in an OMS and more. It functions as a stand-alone OMS and is readily deployable in conjunction with a variety of Salesforce's complimentary cloud products.
As part of the Salesforce platform, SOM is pre-integrated with Commerce Cloud and natively supports Sales and Service Clouds.

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Full visibility of complete order status

Integrate orders from additional channels

Optimize process by using order, payment and returns reports

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An Order Management System (OMS) that eliminates manual bottlenecks, streamlines order tracking, guarantees prompt shipment, and offers top-notch customer support is essential if you want to provide your consumers the greatest possible unboxing experience.

Utilise thousands of partner applications and expertise to get the most out of your e-commerce order management system.Cut costs and drive efficient growth with the customer-first, distributed Order Management system.

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