An integrated OMS platfrom that shares the Salesforce platform database.

  • Kiran George
  • Last Updated - February, 2023
salesforce oms

What makes Salesforce Order Management System differnt to other typical OMS applications is its deep integration with other industry tools from salesforce which includes its sales and service cloud. All these applications are build on top of the same Saleforce Core CRM plaform by which they will be easily able to share the common data base/structure. What this means is that, SF OMS can act as standalone OMS or can be easily deployed alongside any number of complementary cloud products from Salesforce. Additional to this, SF OMS can be pre-connected to SF Commerce Cloud by which orders will start flowing from SF B2C to SF OMS even before we start doing any customisation, or in other words even before we write our first line of code.

Salesforce OMS Data Model

salesforce oms data model