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This privacy notice covers the processing of personal data, or information about an identifiable individual ("you"), that CommerceForz Ltd., its affiliates, and subsidiaries (collectively, "Company", "CommerceForz", "we," or "us") gather via our website (the "Tool" or "website") about candidates or independent contractors who resemble you, as well as current or past employees and contractors (collectively, "Applicants"). It also outlines your rights regarding data protection, such as the ability to object to certain processing that CommerceForz may engage in. The section below on Your Choices and Rights contains further details regarding your rights, including how to exercise them.

What Personal Data we may collect

Identification and communication information:
• Personal Information: Name, Home Address, Phone number, Email address, Photo, Employee ID number, Nationality, National Insurance number, Tax Identification number, Social Security number, Driving License, Passport, Immigration status and where permitted for diversity and monitoring purpose, information concerning your, gender, health, race, and ethnicity.
• Application related information: curriculum vitae (CV), cover letter, employment and education history, qualification and skills, reference contacts information, position preference, willingness to relocate or work onsite, desired remuneration or fees and background screening information.

Why we collect, Use and Store the Personal Data

Collection of personal information for propagating business:
We might occasionally ask for the aforementioned Personal Information from you in order to handle your online job applications and/or gather insightful feedback about your online experience. Furthermore, we might utilise your personal data for other business needs or to better assist you, like alerting you to new services, goods, or partnerships that might support your professional or business endeavours. It is entirely up to you whether or not to post any such Personal Information. While you are free to browse our website without providing any personal information, there are pages on our website that need this information in order to apply or register. If you choose not to provide the requested information, these pages might not be accessible to you. We promise to use reasonable efforts to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of your personal information.
Your Personal Information may be accessed by third parties, including employers and businesses worldwide, in order to validate your information and make suitable job or work offers to you via the website.

Collecting domain information :
When you visit one of our websites, the computer that hosts it (referred to as a "webserver") collects web log information. The domain name and address of your Internet service provider, the type of browser you are using (such as Internet Explorer), the operating system you are using (such as Windows 10) and the date and time you visited our site are among the details that the webserver automatically recognises. Other information includes the pages you visited and the website you came from, if provided with consent.

Use of cookies:
Our website uses a technology known as a "cookie," if you have consented to it. When you visit a website, our webserver places a small data file called a cookie on your computer, which is stored in your browser file. Our website will then determine whether you have one of our cookies installed on your computer when you return. Our cookies enable us to more precisely analyse site traffic and bring new functionality to the website. For example, when you visit our site, a cookie may be placed on your computer to prevent you from having to remember and enter your password many times.
Cookies are classified according to their functionalities. By selecting the radio buttons next to each cookie category under the "Cookies Settings" option on the cookie banner, you can opt out of all cookies (except from those that are strictly necessary).

Please visit this link for additional details on cookies and cookie banners:

IP address:
IP addresses, or Internet Protocol, are used on our website. Your Internet service provider will provide an IP address to your computer so that you can access the Internet. An IP address is a "dynamic" address that is altered every time you connect to the Internet. Your IP address is used by us to report usage statistics and to make improvements to the website.

Please be advised that this website is not meant for, nor designed to draw, users who are younger than eighteen. We don't gather personally identifiable information from anybody we know is younger than eighteen.
The industry-standard secure socket layer encryption (SSL), reasonable security controls, and appropriate technical and physical organisational security controls are used in areas of this website that collect your information to protect it. To take advantage of these security measures, however, your browser must support encryption protection (found in Chrome, Internet Explorer release 3.0 and above).

Processing Purposes

We handle the data to make sure that connections are established correctly, to protect the system, and to enhance our website. When necessary, we treat your personal information to further a legitimate interest that we or a third party is pursuing (as long as your data protection rights do not conflict with these interests). Examples of these situations are included below.
• Once you register on our website, to identify you; to get in touch with you and address any queries or requests you may have.
• To determine which sections of the website are viewed and how often; and to give you access to content that you want to see depending on your preferences.

Verification of Data

We will need to confirm the information you have provided, to the degree allowed by law (such as your identification, work history, educational background, and professional credentials). Third-party service providers may be used to do this kind of verification; however, they will be subject to data protection and confidentiality obligations.


CommerceForz retains the right, where permitted by applicable law, to keep an eye on, intercept, access, and delete any information, material, data, and communication (including emails, phone calls, and voicemails) pertaining to the registration and subsequent processing of your application through the Tool or website.

How we share your personal data?

If it is necessary for the job or opportunity you are applying for, for employment, or for assignments, we will share your personal information with other companies or other third-party businesses.
Your information may be shared with our advisors and the advisors of any potential buyer if CommerceForz is sold or merges, either fully or partially, and will be given to the new owners of the company.
Please be aware that, for applicants from the European Economic Area (EEA), personal data may be processed or accessed anywhere in the world, including, but not limited to, jurisdiction outside the EEA by CommerceForz members and recipient categories (such as third party providers) in jurisdictions lacking appropriate data protection laws for the purposes mentioned above. The intra-company agreement we employ to transfer your data to AyataCom Tech Solutions India, India, has standard contractual clauses authorised by the European Commission. Unless we transfer your data to a third party that has put in place legally binding contractual rules, in which case we may rely on one of those mechanisms to safeguard the transfer as applicable and obtain your consent for the data transfers to the United States and other countries, we use the European Commission's adequacy decisions and rely on standard contractual clauses to safeguard the transfer. Please get in touch with us using the details listed in the contact us section below for more information, including how to get a copy of the documents used to safeguard your data.

Your Choices and Rights

You have the right to request a copy of your personal data from CommerceForz, to have your persona data corrected, deleted, or processing restricted, and to have your personal data provided in a machine-readable and structured manner. Additionally, there are situations in which you can object to the processing of personal data (namely, in cases when processing the data is not necessary to comply with a legal or contractual obligation). In cases where we have requested your approval, you are free to change your mind at any time. Any processing that has already occurred at the time of your request to withdraw your consent from CommerceForz processing your data will remain unaffected. To ask any such questions, send an email to
These rights might be restricted, for instance, if responding to your request would necessitate disclosing another person's personal information or if you want us to remove information that we are legally obligated to retain or that serves our compelling legitimate interests. You have the right to file a complaint with the data protection authority if your issues remain unresolved.

How long we retain your personal data?

We will only keep your personal information on file for as long as it's necessary to fulfil your registration and application requirements, support CommerceForz's legitimate business interests in compliance with applicable laws, provide the services you've requested, or comply with legal requirements. After that, we'll take action to either delete your personal information or store it in a way that prevents it from being associated with you.

Updates to this Privacy Notice

Periodically, this Privacy Policy might be amended. We recommend you to periodically review this Privacy Policy, which can be found at, for any changes.
Occasionally, as mandated by the relevant legislation, we might also proactively notify you of particular data handling operations or noteworthy modifications to this Privacy Policy.

Contact us

The Data Protection Officer for your personal data will be CommerceForz through whom you are registering or applying for relevant work or employment positions. If you have any question about this Privacy Policy or wish to contact us for any reason in relation to our personal data processing, please contact us at :